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The Official Remaster!
Experience the sonic detail
of Sister Irene's iconic album 'FIRE'
A superior sounding recording unlike the unofficial bootlegs
Welcome to the official site for composer and recording artist
Sister Irene O’Connor

Sister Irene O'Connor, also known as Myriam Frances, is a devout Franciscan Mother of Mary nun.

Irene has amassed one of the most diverse and eclectic range of fans and followers from around the world with her 1967

hymn 'God Is Dwelling in My Heart' and her most popular 1973 release' FIRE' (of God's Love).

Sister Irene's ethereal song 'FIRE' has found it's way into

genres as diverse as Praise & Worship, Psychedelic Pop,

Folk Pop, Synth Pop and Avant-garde Christian.

'FIRE' has also featured in the BBC series Killing Eve and sampled

in the song 'Where's the Catch' by Electronic Music artist

James Blake (featuring Hip Hop superstar Andre 3000) .

'FIRE' has been used as the concert opening for the international Swedish Heavy Metal band, InSolitude.

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