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God's work that became a flame for people everywhere

Irene O’Connor - aka Myriam Frances is a Franciscan Mission of Mary nun having entered the order at the age of 17.  She is currently 88 years old.
Irene has been credited [source] as the first nun to have international success composing, performing and releasing her original titles. [list of original titles]
The continuing opportunity to develop her music led to a lasting friendship that has grown into a professional relationship with producer, performer, xxxx, Craig Calhoun [link to page].
“In 1987 Irene and Craig became friends after she was looking to upgrade her music studio and wandered into a music store that Craig was working in at the time.  Irene was looking to produce music for meditation and after purchasing the equipment, Craig offered to teach how to use the equipment to get the best out of it.  Irene had struggled for years to achieve her goal of recording and producing her music for meditation.  Craig volunteered to help and volunteered as engineer and producer for her first CD ‘Living Water’ [ insert links]. “The pair have developed an amazing musical and creative bond’
Such is their trust that Irene has legally entrusted Craig Calhoun guardianship of of her entire catalogue, ensuring proper administration of its use in the future.  


Her catalogue of work is vast and well and truly global.  “During the signing of the copyright agreement, the provincial superior who had just arrived from Rome remarked how they had been singing Irene’s hymn “God is dwelling in my heart’” in the Vatican the day before”.
In addition to the hymns written [links], Irene had several LP’s released world wide through Phillips.  Her catalogue also include Music Manuscripts [links]; books of her albums [links] and the music soundtrack for a Christian stage play written by author Barry Hayes called ‘Brother Fire’ [links].
Globally there has been a renewed awareness of Irene and her ‘FIRE’ (of God’s Love) album has become a collectors item fetching upwards of $399 US [include link]
2017 was the 50th anniversary of the most popular hymn from her collection ‘God is dwelling in my heart’ from the Sing a Song for the Lord album [link]
Most recently FIRE has been sampled on the James Blake single Where’s the Catch with the featured guest artist Andre 3000 [link]
Craig and Irene have remastered The Fire of God’s Love album and it is scheduled for re-release.
Irene continues to produce music and is currently working on two additional albums.
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