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Below are a series of frequently asked questions, we hope they prove valuable to you in answering some of the questions she receives quite often.
How can I support the further production of Sister Irene's music?
Purchasing her existing music and contributions to the Paypal page assists with production and release of her new music.

Does Sister Irene prefer to be called Sister Irene O’Connor or Myriam Frances?
Sister Irene originally used the pseudonym Myriam Frances to maintain her anonymity. She later reverted to her name and no longer had to convince others that Irene O'Connor was the composer of this beautiful music.

Can I meet Sister Irene?
Sister Irene does not live a public life and does not intend to make any public commentary or appearances around the new release of her music.
Can I interview Sister Irene?
Any questions around her life or her work can be directed to Craig Calhoun.
Will there be any further releases?
Yes, 'Living Water' is her most recent soon to be released for download   These will be available via the website for download, soon after for purchase on vinyl and CD.
How do I access more of Sister Irene's music?
Further releases will be announced via this website, YouTube and other social media. Sign up for announcements and we will keep you informed! 
Where can I learn more about Sister Irene?
To be kept up to date please subscribe.
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